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I’ve Thick Wavy Poofy Hair.

I have really thick, wavy hair. It seems to be great when it is wet but once it air dries it goes into a giant ball of poofyness. What can i do to make my hair be again wavy or tremendous straight. i do know I cna starighten it on a regular basis however that i sooooo damaging to my ahir and I do know I can get it thinned out but my hairstylist instructed me that would make my hair tremendous frizzy.

What different choices do I’ve.

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Ought to I gte it permamntly straightened or relaxed. What’s going to every do and what will every seem like.

Additionally do you will have any simple each day hairstyles I cna do to cease the poofyness. please present straightforward directions. My hair is at waves and curls hairstyles all times in a ponytail so i would like to maintain it down.

i’ve received the identical hair!

that is what I do to maintain my poofy hair good and straight.
1. after taking a shower, put sunsilks anti frizz creme on hair.

(you’ll be able to put it on whereas hair is wet, or when hair is damp)
2. don’t use a hair dryer, it only makes hair poofy-er.

3. when hair is finished drying, straighten your hair.
4. straighten ur hair in sections. and work ur means.

hope that helps (:
hair milk is basically.go to a drugstore and to the hair part and look throguh all of the gels/mousses and stuff and decide up a bottle of hair milk and test a bit in your hair to see which smells good and doestn really feel to greasy..its not like gel or mousse so it will not make your hair crunchy, it’s going to give your hair mositure whereas protecting poof down and keep waves good and bouncy.

use sunsilk straight it really works strive it.
properly to start with it is best to undoubtedly get it chemically straightened at a magnificence salon (magic straight). it will value about $130 however is value the money because it lasts for a few yr earlier than your hair begins going back to your natural texture once more.

if you want to stop the poofyness i like to recommend you need to purchase some conditionor or “skinny hair” spray from actually wherever. drugstores, walmart, goal. .. you title it

hmm i dont actually know a lot recommendation about getting straight hair however getting magic straight is a must if u need straight hair. my hair is of course actually straight so yea hehe.

nicely i do not know if this helped a lot however good luck! =]
since your hair is kinda on the frizzy facet, you need to decide types which have that mattress head look..

my hair is like that too and that i choose the get the hairstyle of corrine bailey rae, it hids my frizz and the brand new development and my perm..

The type I do for my hair is utilizing perm rods, setting lotion and a blow drier.
The larger the perm rods, the larger the curls

-mist your hair with a mixture of setting lotion and water
-take a piece of hair and wrap it around the perm rod

-once finished the whole head, let air dry for no less than an hour
than blow dry the remaining

-take out hair and repair curls with fingers
spray frivolously with hairspray

to maintain the look you have to twist the strands together each night and untwist them within the morning.

It’s going to find yourself appear to be this..

this type is funky, and for me it took a day to get used to. But now individuals can’t get enough of it.

If that fashion wasn’t for you, than don’t attempt the relaxer. It breaks down the construction of your hair leaving it weaker and more prone to damage, breaking off, dryness, cut up ends, tangles and so way more. If that doesnt seem like much to you think of this..

Some one’s leg bone broken and put into a cast to heal. Those times that it heals it’s extremely sensitive, being handled like china dishes. And once it heals, it will never BE The same. It will not help the same weight like it used to, the bone won’t sustain as much abuse as before, and It might not even look to same..

the only way you can take the relaxer out of your hair is to chop it off.. relaxers and perms will not be irreversiable.. They are Permanent On your HAIR

don’t try it. Imagine me, my hair was nice in the beginning when I couldn’t keep my fingers out of it. And than the brand new progress got here in and that i needed to spend more cash to take care of it. And than it started to break.. more cash spent. And cut up ends..

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