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Alexa’s Model Blog: How to Straighten A Synthetic Wig Using The new Water Technique

Hey guys! Immediately I wish to do something a little bit completely different. Tutorial time!
A few months in the past, I determined that I wished to straighten my pink Empress wig from Rockstar Wigs. Having always relied on my flat iron, I sat down to observe a movie and straighten a brilliant curly wig on low heat. For this methodology, you want a hair straightener and extra endurance than I have.

After almost two hours, it seemed like this:

Not bad, but not as straight as I had needed. I’d hold the straightener on the ends so long as I dared they usually nonetheless curled despite my efforts. When straightening high temp synthetic wigs (like wigs from Gothic Lolita Wigs and RockStar Wigs), it’s a must to be actually careful not to melt the fibers because there isn’t a solution to get them back once they’re broken from heat.

Fast forward to September. I pulled my Empress wig out of the bag that I retailer it in and.. Wtf! It’s curly again!!! Noooo! So much effort wasted! How is that this even doable !

Time to attempt another method. I had all the time heard of the recent water methodology however had never tried it myself. Now I will never straighten some other approach. It’s soooo straightforward!

First, grab a tripod or some sort of stand that you will be able to attach your foam head to that will enable your wig to hold fully straight when wet. After i thought of utilizing my regular tripod, I acquired nervous about drenching it in scorching water. Nevertheless, being a photographer, I happily have spare tripods laying around. I picked my cheapest tripod (I feel it was like $15USD) for my sizzling water tester tripod. I’m certain the water would not damage a tripod but I did not need to take the risk with my nicer one.

Turn the handle of the tripod straight up. It conveniently fits a foam head perfectly and securely. Insert the pinnacle onto the handle.

Put the wig on the top. Attach with pins so it would not slide off the pinnacle throughout the process. Brush all the knots out of the wig with a wig brush or wide-toothed comb.

Put the tripod and wig in the bathtub. You may be drenching the thing so you will need to have it someplace protected for water.

Fill a pot (or kettle, if you live someplace that individuals have kettles XD) with water and put it on the stove. You will want to keep an eye on it so the water will get scorching, however not so scorching that you will utterly melt the wig. Between 180℉ and 185 is an efficient temperature.

I am using a meat thermometer because I don’t have a regular thermometer hahah. Not even positive why I’ve this. I’ve been a vegetarian for ten years. Hahaha. >.<

As soon as the water is at the perfect heat, say your last goodbye to your wig’s curls.
You want to verify the wig is totally soaked. It could be effective to just start with pouring the water over the top of the wig, but I rapidly dipped the ends within the water and swished it around really quick to verify they acquired wet. This explicit wig style has two lengthy items which can be much longer than the remainder of the wig, in order that was a precaution I took to make sure the pieces got wet.

Then you definately just pour the water excessive of the wig and watch the magic occur. The heat permits the fibers to be reshaped proper earlier than your eyes. Remember, the wig should dangle completely straight for the wig to dry straight. It could take a couple of pots to get the wig utterly soaked. I think I heated and poured three pots for this wig.

Never brush a wig when it is wet!!! You can mess up the fibers.
Then you just ways to do your hair for school leave it alone and let it dry for just a few hours. Enable the wig to dry fully before taking it off the stand. You don’t wish to risk messing it up as a result of you’re impatient. Maybe you can watch a film or go get ice cream while you wait. :Three

After which.. You revisit your wig a few hours later… And behold.. The straight magnificence..

It’s soooo pretty when it is straight!!! The layers! They are superb! It’s like a completely totally different and new wig.

Take a look at some earlier than and after pictures of the Rockstar Wigs Empress wig in Pink.
By the best way, this wig is on clearance from Rockstar Wigs for $34.50. Get it before it’s gone without end!!!

After straightening and falling in love with this wig over again, I put this outfit together based across the wig. How about this for a Tutorial x Day by day Fashion combo submit !

Hair: Rockstar Wigs Empress in Purple
Lashes: Dolluxe Lashing Out Loud x Underlash B
See my evaluate of these below lashes here:

Contacts: Pinky Paradise Super Size Nudy in Inexperienced
See my review of these contacts right here:

Necklace: Tobi Spike Gang Wrap Bracelet (worn as necklace) colour_id=61442

Top: Newbreed Girl Tokzilla Ladies Tee (altered into a tank)
I don’t assume they promote this tee anymore, but they’ve the same print in a hoodie which I like even higher!!! Hoodies are a lady’s greatest friend.

Arm Band: Dollface Deconstruction (really a hair piece)
Cami: off model/unknown

Shorts: off brand/unknown
Sock: non-energetic eBay store

Boots: T.U.Ok. Purple Leather-based Fight Boots

Watch out! We have got a tricky guy over right here! *growl*
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and Day by day Fashion submit! Are you going to straighten your wigs with the recent water method I’d like to see your straight wigs in the comments or on my fb web page!

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