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5 Methods To Braid Hair

What if my hair is simply too dry and that i cannot braid it wet
wikiHow Contributor
Wet it slightly with a spray bottle or leave-in conditioner. This fashion, your hair not be too dry to braid, but it surely is not going to soaking wet so that you cannot braid it both.
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Will braiding harm my hair’s health
wikiHow Contributor
No, not in case you do it fastidiously and properly. Keep away from braiding and tying your hair too tightly; if you retain issues too tight, you danger getting break up ends. Additionally, keep away from utilizing an excessive amount of gel, hairspray, and different styling products, as this could lead to construct-up.
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How do I give my braids depth
wikiHow Contributor
Use plumbing shampoo, conditioner, hair lotion, and so forth. In case your hair is ready, give it a easy push to your want and spray it with not-so agency hair spray.
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How lengthy does my hair must be to be braided
wikiHow Contributor
Hair will be of any size from medium-brief to lengthy to braid. When you’ve got shorter, it is perhaps just a little tough, however it is nonetheless doable.
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How can I make my hair develop sooner
Eat a wholesome weight-reduction plan and have common small trims. Wash your hair 1-three times every week, and brush nicely each day.
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Put of those strategies, which one is the simplest
wikiHow Contributor
The standard, three-strand braid is the best and easiest to do.
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Does braiding work for short hair
wikiHow Contributor
Sure, though you would possibly run into issues doing a French or Waterfall braid. If it is too quick or skinny, strive a silmple Plait or Rope.
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How do I make a straight half for braided pigtails
wikiHow Contributor
Use the again of a comb or one thing straight (e.g. a chopstick), place it exactly in the middle and drag it down. Be careful not to press weave in hairstyles too arduous.
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How do you make a waterfall braid
wikiHow Contributor
Click on the link below Technique 5, Step 2 for directions.
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How can I make braided pigtails
Flip In 100% Remy Human Secret Straight Hair Extensions #10 Golden Brown 100gwikiHow Contributor
Half your hair down the middle, and place every part in entrance of your shoulders. Start braiding one part like you’d a regular braid, tie it off with an elastic, after which braid the opposite. Attempt to place the braids in order that they’re behind your ears, as an alternative of over.

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