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Changeable Hairstyles Eventually! Lengthy Reside New Dances!

I was talking with some friends of mine the other night about the new expansion and we were giggling to ourselves about how the enlargement video presents us with the amazing new features to be revealed in Wrath of the Lich King. “New Continent: Northrend!” it declares, “Destructible Buildings! Siege Weapons! New Profession: Inscription! ..Changeable Hairstyles! New Dances!”

Light Blue to Dark Blue Ombre Color 14 inch Flip In Hair Extensions Synthetic Natural Wavy Hairpieces 100gIt does seem quite incongruous that in a sport referred to as about warcraft, changeable hairstyles and new dances could be an enormous deal, however it’s true! This is one thing we’ve been wanting for a long time, but I never for the life of me imagined it would be an expansion function. I at all times thought it could be like voice chat and guild banks, added in with some patch or another just like so many other things.

It begs some frightening questions: Are we going to have special hairstyles and dances only available to those who have purchased the growth Will we should quest for that basically epic hairdo, or spend hours what is the best wig cap to buy and hours grinding for the reputation to access that one faction haircut we want After all, we do it for special mounts whose only claim to fame is looking cool, why not for hairdos too

I think there will not be such factor as an epic hairdo quest, nor rep-grind barber retailers, but really any which method Blizzard manages it will be advantageous with me. I do hope there can be new pores and skin colours, faces and different traits be out there too, though one might argue that ought to these be set in stone. Also, one would wonder if it’s just new hair and dances which they have in store for us, or are there going to be a complete slew of new social options Dare we hope for a proper /hug animation

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