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So I’ve ordered 3 wigs kind a wig online shop,Geisha wigs.
The first wig I received I did a Blog and was pleased with my buy of the Vamp twin fall wig.
I went on to order the Galaxy Wig and Apple Toffee Wig.

So this is a more impartial review with the good and not so good on the wigs
What I like concerning the shop was the costs they’re low but I nonetheless stand by my assertion of if you’d like a wig to last and desire a quality wig appropriate for lengthy wear and modelling/Lolita ‘You get what you pay for.’ Rings true.
The Galaxy wig is very shiny and after i did make a touch upon the wigs shiny-ness in considered one of my very own photos, I was advised that I had parted the wig wrong by the shop.
Which sorta left me a bit like what !
I’ve worked wigs lace front with actual and faux hair for a long time as Hair dresser and never ever heard such nonsense in my life.Parting the hair has no impact on the shine-ness of a wig.Then later it was really helpful on the web page of the shop to use regular hair ‘Dry shampoo” to cut back the shiny-ness of the wig ,Regular Products to your hair really shouldn’t be used on wigs (See my previous Wig care publish).
However I can cope the shinny-ness its not the tip of the world.

The opposite thing that concerned me was the wigs fibres kind taking them out the bag and giving it a gentle brush with a wig vast tooth comb,they began to fall out more freely than any of other wigs even the Vamp wig never had a lot fibre loss.
I perceive know all wigs will lose some fibres but this had just come out the packet.
; ~ ;

However the wig colours are fully beautiful which is why I got the wig ,The mix is Blues Blacks Pinks,Its just lovely and really in with the Galaxy print development Proper know.The length of the wig is great to not long or to brief,The inside wig cap is neat and tidy I found the wigs fairly Thin.
Transferring on to the Apple Toffee wig,I ordered this wig same time as the Galaxy however due to the supplier of the shop there was a combine up.So I selected to anticipate the next batch of wigs for it to come in.I didn’t mind ,these items happen in fact.
I used to be supplied a different wig or I could wait.I was in no hurry.
So waited.

I acquired the Apple Toffee wig at present and again put it on to see the way it appeared.
I was touching the bangs and again fibres started coming lose !
The same problem coming up the fibre loss.

This wig is just like the Vamp maybe they are higher ones out of the three I have purchased,But lack of fibres are a ache its like cat hair or canine hair falling on your outfits and everything.So annoying! Maybe I have been unlucky with the wigs.Different may have had better luck.
The 2 ponytail wigs the Apple toffee is loads shorter but had very tight curls,some which were matted but I can deal with that.
The clips on the wig are good though for the pony tails strong and not to huge or over powering,and an excellent grip on the base of the wig.The wig base is very gentle and thin,the amount comes form the Pony tails.
Again I do adore the colours maybe my most love colour way bit this wig do seem extra matt that the other too.
I am questioning if this is because of a change of provider of wigs to the store its seems attainable however I can not inform as each wig has various in consistency from shine and matt.

As you have read I do have combined emotions of the wigs and the corporate.
Over all they are okay.
However I don’t think they are long lasting with the fibre loss or a good quality compared to the other wigs I have from the larger companies.
However these Wigs are the type of wigs Id possibly buy for a fancy dress outfit or a for a bit of fun.
I’ll use my wigs however I do not assume they will be capable of keep up with the demand of being a Lolita/Wig wearer and modelling.
wigs lace front But in case your buying as a 1st time wig wearer or for a bit of enjoyable fair sufficient go for it,However My personal thoughts are they aren’t as good a high quality as different wigs and what you pay for is what you get.
On a facet be aware,I used to be relatively upset about the company’s unprofessional method using my very own modelling work for clothes company,with out permission from me or the corporate and showcasing it in a album ‘our wigs modelled’ in which I really feel could be very misleading to clients as I’m not certainly one of their models.

Over all rating 2 out of 5.

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However no matter what..
Stay super Kawaii !

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